BrainWired | WeStock ( Enhancing Livestock productivity )


Who are we ?

Brainwired is an agritech startup based out of India, which has developed a livestock health monitoring, and tracking system named WeStock. Our motive is to empower the lifestyle of all livestock farmers with high end technology at an affordable rate. Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything. We believe in creating a brand through strategy, story-telling, products, and integrated experiences on web, mobile, and in the world. So that we become a household name among Indian farmers becoming a symbol of trust and quality

What is WeStock ?

WeStock is a high-quality product combined with innovative technologies and a wide product range that meet the requirements of
modern livestock farmers.

Health Care

Continues monitoring of health status and conditions

Estrous Cycle

Provides real time notifications and keep tracks of heat cycle

Access to Vets

Fast and hassle free consultation of doctor's on a click

Live Dashboard

Keep track of your livestock's whereabouts and movements through live feed

WeStock Chat

Interact with other farmers and vets across geographies using our custom chat feature

Artificial Insemination

Stores history and provide accurate insemination match

Farm Blogs

Access to latest schemes, news and blogs

24x7 Support

Provides an all year long customer support through our toll free number


How WeStock helps

Early Detection of Diseases ?
WeSTOCK collects information regarding cattles activity via sensors embedded in cattles ear tag, the information transmitted by these tags are run through our unique H.A.W.C algorithm which uses machine learning to detect whether a cattle is sick
Never miss a heat cycle ?
Artificial insemination is a costly process and if not done correctly leads to loss of milk, WeSTOCK tag detect cattle activity and rumination cycle to determine whether a cattle is going into reproductive cycle and gives a 6-8 hour time period with chances of optimum insemination.
Reduce expenses ?
With the WeSTOCK dashboard farmers get access to a wide array of facilities like vet access, live livestock details, real time health monitoring, optimum feed suggestions etc. all this leads to farmers making informed and assisted decisions leading to reduced expenses with greater profits.
Looks after your livestock ?
WeSTOCK dashboard consists of a multitude of features enabling farmers to extract the most out of their farm. The dashboard acts like a 3rd eye keeping eye on individual livestock for the farmer so he can focus on other important things. the whole system empowers farmers by taking care of their livestock for them, leading to a healthier farm.

How WeSTOCK works

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